"SENTENCED TO LIFE" is the second release from this Seattle based monster known
BLACK BREATH. These guys shove their music right down your throat from the
moment the album starts. The music comes out full blasting and never lets up. They
blend together a very cool style of Hardcore, Rock 'N' Roll & Death Metal music. The
one band that kept coming to mind, which I am sure they have heard before, is the great
ENTOMBED. This in no way means that they are a clone of ENTOMBED, but they
just have the same sound and vibe. I kept thinking of the "WOLVERINE BLUES" album
as I kept listening to these guys. I am a huge
ENTOMBED fan, so I know BLACK
is going to be one of my new favorites. These guys do have a bit more
of a technical sound to their music though. If these guys keep going in this direction they
are going to be one of the front runners of the new Death Metal bands. This is the perfect
blend of Death Metal and Hardcore with such a fast and technical sound and not
sounding like the many Deathcore bands out in the scene today. These guys stand above
many of the newer bands in the scene today! I loved this band!