BLACK CROWN INITIATE is by far one of the most original bands I have heard in a
long time in the extreme Metal genre. These guys bend a bunch of Metal genres and melt
them into one. The music would mostly fit in the Death Metal genre, but they are much
more than a typical Death Metal band. These guys are highly professional and highly
talented musicians. They lay the Death Metal down as the foundation for the band and
then mix in Black Metal, Doom, Gothic, Progressive and some Thrash Metal. The band
has a very technical Progressive Death Metal sound, but at the same time they are quite
heavy and brutal. They will take things down a little bit and throw in some slower, more
melodic and progressive sounding parts. The Thrash Metal parts come in the form of the
faster more all out shredding guitars and some of the arrangements of the guitar parts. The
music will sometimes get a bit darker and more harsh and this is where the Black Metal
elements come through. In the slower more melodic and atmospheric areas is where you
can hear the Gothic Metal elements surfacing. The vocals follow the same path as the
music by mixing in mid ranged Death Metal growls with harsher more aggressive Black
Metal growls / screams and then there are clean and melodic Gothic Metal type vocals.
These guys hail from Reading, Pennsylvania, which is near where I used to live and it
surprised me, because usually a band with this much diversity and skilled musicians
usually will come from some European country. These guys are simply amazing in every
aspect and must, must, must be heard!