Founded back in 1994 a Black Metal band these guys have progressed over the years and
emerged as one of the best bands in the German Metal scene. Over the years the bands
sound has evolved a bit to add in lots of Viking, Folk & Pagan Metal elements. "THE
FINAL JOURNEY" is the fifth full length release from these guys and is the second Ruhr
Viking concept album following their 2009 release "FIRST WAR OF THE WORLD".
With the band adding in these newer elements it has taken them to a whole new level.
There are still the old school harsh Black Metal passages all through out, but they are
mixed with some very Epic Folk Metal sounds along with some cold and atmospheric
Pagan and Viking sounds. This is only my second offering of this amazing band and I
loved everything about this album. If your not a fan of traditional Folk Metal bands, give
these guys a listen, cause they have a lot more to offer than most bands playing this style,
plus all the Black Metal elements make them more diverse. Truly an amazing album from
start to finish!