Emerging from the dark pits of Alberta, Canada comes BLACK PESTILENCE. The
band started out in 2008 and play a kind of unique and very cool style of Punk / Black
Metal music. They have a very gritty in your face street Punk attitude that is dowsed in
dark, cold and harsh Black Metal elements. The cold harshness of the Black Metal tends
to feel like a lot of the Black metal bands coming out of Greece, France & Italy in the mid
'90's. The Punk influences remind me of the gritty and raw British Punk of the '70's mixed
with the dirty East Coast Punk of the '80's. There is a really thick full sound that engulfs
you and sucks you in. I also love the fact they adding in some cold and harsh Industrial
and Electronica type elements as well. The vocals are done in low ended raw Death
growls with harsher Black Metal growls / screams on top! I know the band seems like
they would be a straight up Black Metal band, but with all the added extra stuff it just
raises them to a new level of extreme awesomeness as far as Black Metal bands go. If you
like old school Black Metal that has a bit of a groove, lots of attitude and a whole lot of
raw aggression, then
BLACK PESTILENCE is the band for you. "IN DEFIANCE" is
actually the bands 2013 release, but it was just sent to me a little while back. I know they
have two release out after this one, so check them out!!!