Self Released

"SACRIFICE" is the first full length album from the band BLACKAGE out of Italy.
These guys emerged on the Italian Metal scene back in 2009. They went through a lot of
line up changes over the years (as do many bands), but have finally found a solid line up
and unleashed some killer old school Thrash Metal music. The music defiantly takes
heavy influences from classic Thrash Metal from the '80's, but they put a bit of a modern
spin on their sound. The music itself reminds me of a lot of the early Thrash Metal bands
coming out of New York with that gritty dirty feel, but with the stylistic layout of a
bunch of the killer Bay Area Thrash Metal bands of the '80's. They also have some
influences of German Thrash Metal with a bit of coldness to the vibe. I grew up on Metal
and Thrash Metal solidified my love of the genre and these guys fit right in there. There
are some killer riffing parts with some all out shredding and just an over all killer
adrenalized sound. The vocals have a bit of a harsher almost throaty and groggy Thrash
sound to them in the vein of
KREATOR meets EXODUS and touches of OVERKILL. If
BLACKAGE were around in the '80's I feel that people would be talking about them like
they do today with bands like
& OVERKILL. These guys would stand very tall right next to any of these
bands. I loved everything about this release from these guys and I hope they stick around,
because the Thrash Metal resurgence really needs great bands like these guys and the
Metal world would lose something great if they broke up. One of the best Modern Thrash
Metal bands in the scene today! An absolute must for all Thrash heads! Thrash on!