Starring: Wesley Snipes, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Renolds, Parker Posey & more.

This is the third installment in the
BLADE series. In this film a group of vampires expose Blade as a
menace to society, when he is set up & kills a human. The hunt is out for him, by basically
everyone. The vampire group finds a secret tomb & resurrects the first original vampire to kill
Blade. Once he is brought back to life he goes to hunt him down. In comes the help of a young
group of vampire hunters. The group is lead by Wysler's daughter (Jessica Biel). Wisler was Blade's
best friend who was killed by the government who were in search of Blade. Also leading the group
is Ryan Renolds, who was once a vampire himself. They team up with Blade even though he doesn't
agree, to go after the first vampire & the other vampires in the group, led by Parker Posey. This was
a good movie for the
BLADE series, but the second one is still my favorite!!!