BL'AST was a killer Hardcore / Punk band from the '80's that has been gone for many a
years. In early 2013 some of the members uncovered some rare and unreleased recordings
in the bands career. They compiled them and found they had enough to put out a new
album, thus we have "BLOOD!". The material was remastered & mixed by Dave Grohl in
his 606 Studios. These guys were one of the better and defining Hardcore bands of the '80's.
The majority of their music was Hardcore, but they added in some Punk elements as well as
some Noise, Grind & Sludge, to round out their sound. The music is fast paced, raw and
pissed off in your face Hardcore music. A lot of people who were skateboarding back in the
'80's were exposed to their music through
Between those videos and
THRASHER MAGAZINE I was exposed to them a lot. There
are a lot of bands these days trying to copy this style of music, but leave it to the
originators and the ones who do it right, like BL'AST. These recordings feature a rare line
up in the bands history being the only recordings ever made while short-lived second
guitarist William Duvall of
NEON CHRIST, and currently the vocalist for ALICE IN
. If you weren't around in those days and want to hear what real Hardcore / Punk
sounds like I suggest you pick up this release and then you'll see where all those bands
today got their influences from!