Self Released

"THE HATRED INSIDE" is the debut release from Alberta, Canada's BLEED. These
guys have been on the scene for a little over three years and have been building up a nice
following for themselves. They play a combo style of different metal genres. I can hear
lots of elements of Thrash / Nu Metal / Groove / Death Metal all mixed within. These
guys have a very cool sound that would pull in a lot of fans. The guitar work is where I
hear a lot of the Thrash Metal elements. I liked that the bass is more dominate in their
sound than most bands out there. This is probably where I hear a lot of that Groove &
Nu Metal influences coming into play. The faster, more aggressive parts is where the
Death Metal is present. There is a very good balance between these styles with out one
sound dominating. The vocals are done in thick gritty Thrash Metal style and a lower
more throaty almost Hardcore / Metal style with some Death Metal growls mixed in
that you can understand. I could hear a lot of Dez from
COAL CHAMBER mixed with
the old bassist Beefcake and new singer Blothar of the almighty
GWAR in the vocals.
This was a definite good point for me, as
GWAR is my favorite band. This is a killer
start for these guys and I can't wait to hear what they put out next. This is a must for
fans of
the almighty
GWAR!!! Check these guys out and support this amazing band!!! How is
this band not signed yet???

                                                                                              - Reviewed by Burt Wolf