Self Released

BLOOD EXPECTORATION is a crushing old school Death Metal band out of the
Ukraine. These guys started back in 2006 and have been building a small following in the
underground Metal scene since. I believe "DISFIGURED VISIONS" is the bands first
release to date. These guys take things back to the early days of Death Metal music, when
the underground was still underground. The music reminds me of a lot of the bands that
were coming out of Czech Republic, Malaysia & Germany in the early 90's. This is killer
old school Death Metal at it's finest. The music is mid to fast paced brutal Death Metal, with
crushing riffs, blast beats and even a little groove mixed in at times. The vocals are mid
ranged Death growls with an occasional gurgle here and there. The reason why I love this
band is it takes me back to the early days of Death Metal, when I started my label and there
were so many crushing bands still to be discovered and you really had to hunt them down. If
your a fan of
, early DEICIDE, early MORBID ANGEL & NAPALM DEATH (and who
isn't), then your gonna want to get your hands on "DISFIGURED VISIONS" because
BLOOD EXPECTORATION can hold their own with any of these great bands mention!
All hail the old school! Loved it!!!