Starring: Laurie Love, Ron Jeremy, Neal Trout, Kent Welborn, Jose Rosete & more.

Adult film star Ron Jeremy headlines in this campy Horror flick. An army of evil creatures rises
from Hell at the behest of Lucy, the Devil's daughter. The outcome of the world rest in Sadie's hands,
who is the great great grand daughter of Lucy. Sadie gathers up some people along with her nerdy
comic book geek friend to protect the world. She must fight a bunch of Zombies, Vampires and a lot
of other creatures in order to survive. This is definitely a low budget production Horror flick that
adds the campy cheesy in with the Horror gore. If you love B-Horror films in the vein of
films then you'll dig this flick, but if not, stay clear of this one. Come on, what would you expect
with Ron Jeremy in the lead role?