BLOODTRIBE is a killer new school Death Metal band hailing from Indiana. The band
was formed out of the band 1369 back in 2003. These guys play a modern style of Death
Metal music, that has some old school type influences mixed within. The band does have
some touches of Deathcore that peak through in some of their songs. This mostly comes
out in the faster grooved out parts that flow into some breakdowns at times. The guitars
are a blend of the old school and new school Death Metal styles and they have a strong
thick feel to them. The crunchy guitars melt together with the slick and grooved out riffs
which gives it that killer balance of both styles. The vocals are done in a mid ranged
throaty thick Death growl style with a lower ended Death growl and some mid ranged
almost screaming Death growls. I loved these guys and really can't wait to see what they
throw at us next. These guys would easily pull in fans of the original Death metal
movement back in the early '90's as well as fans of modern Deathcore of today.
BLOODTRIBE is a fierce intense and very powerful band that is sure to please any fan
of the Death Metal genre! One killer release from beginning to end!