BLOODLET is a crushing Metal / Hardcore band hailing from Southern Florida. These
guys have been stomping heads with their pulse pounding music since 1992. They did a
one time reunion show at the
A389 RECORDINGS 10th anniversary show. These guys
may hail from Florida, but they play a pissed off and angry sounding style of New York
Hardcore melted together with some East Coast Metal. At times, when they slow it down,
which is not often, they have a kind of Sludge Metal sound which may be where the
Florida swamp influences come in. The vocals are done in a middle to lower ended groggy
Hardcore type growl and scream style with some clean vocals sprinkled through out. These
guys have a sound that reminded me of
CROWBAR merged with BIOHAZARD merged
HATEBREED and some touches of SICK OF IT ALL, CRO-MAGS & DOWN all
mixed in. If this isn't enough to get you to pick up this release, you just don't know what
killer Hardcore / Metal sounds like. This is where the Metalcore sound started and
morphed into what it is today. "ENTHEOGEN" is the bands debut release that came out
VICTORY RECORDS back in 1996 & A389 RECORDINGS has taking it and
repressed it as a deluxe 2xLP edition that is fully remastered and includes a huge poster of
the cover artwork. It is limited to only 1000 copies (which are all probably gone by now),
so get your copy if you can!