Starring: Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Billy Zane & more.

This is a vampire movie based on the video game of the same name. The film takes place during the
dark ages & is about Rayne, a half human half vampire. Her father was a vampire who raped her
human mother. A few years later he kills her mother right in front of her. She wants to seek revenge
& kill him. She bands together with a secret group of people who are vampire hunters to go after
him. This movie was actually kind of annoying. The story was bad, the acting was bad, the dialogue
was bad, the fight scenes were poorly staged & there really wasn't a whole lot of special effects. The
only good things were there was a lot of blood & Kristanna is topless in a very cheesy & pointless
love sex scene. This is one of those films that looks much better than it actually is!