BLOODY DONATION is a killer Thrash / Death Metal band out of Greece that formed
back in 2008. These guys came together in the goal of playing old school Thrash / Death
Metal and they have accomplished this quite well on their debut full length release
"VENGEANCE OF THE ENSLAVED". The band has a crunchy and crisp Thrash Metal
guitar vibe happening with mixes of some harsher and more aggressive Death Metal riffs
mixed within. I was digging this a lot as I grew up on the bands of the late '80's and early
'90's playing this style. They also mix in a cool grooved out sound that reminded me of some
of the bands coming out of Sweden and Finland of this time. The harder more brutal parts
come in the form of the drum beats, arrangements and blasts that are all pounding away and
pushing the band forward. Rounding out the bands sound is vocalist Stelios Kourpetis with
some mid to low ended Death growls that you can still understand. Unfortunately Stelios
left the band this year and they are searching for a new vocalist. Hope they find someone
with a crushing Death growl like Stelios. The guitar work reminded me of a Death Metal
version of
TESTAMENT, especially during their "THE GATHERING" days along with
mixtures of
ANNIHILATION & OVERKILL but with a stronger Death Metal edge. If you
toss in some touches of
ENTOMBED, GRAVE & BLOOD BATH then you'd get a good
idea of what
BLOOD DONATION is doing. Another killer debut release from another killer
Greek band! Make your donation now and pick up this release! You won't be disappointed,
especially if your into any of the above mentioned bands!