BOMB AND SCARY is a Metal band from Campbell, California. These guys kind of
surprised me, because I wasn't expected what I got. I know
SCARY is in a band with
SINISTER G that is more of a Industrial / Electronica band, so I guess that's what i was
expecting this to sound more like. The band plays old school Metal in the vein of Thrash /
Groove Metal, with touches of Industrial thrown in. I like the fact they took the old
school and melted it with new school Metal as well as adding in some other elements to
make it sound fresh. The music itself is infused with the Industrial elements that surface
from time to time in their sound. These elements are totally fine with me, because I think
it gives them a new sound on top of an old genre. The music is play really fast and
aggressive at times which kept reminding me of a lot of Hardcore from the 80's, but with a
bit of a cleaner style. It almost has a Crossover feel of when Hardcore and Metal were
starting to mixed back in the '80's. I kept think of two bands the whole time listening to it
and that would be
with some touches of Industrial hear and there. The vocals really reminded me of both of
these bands as well. I'm a fan of both of these groups, so of course I was digging what
BOMB AND SCARY were doing. Check these guys out, cause I think they have a really
cool vibe happening and have really taking something old and put their own twist on it
and made it their own!