BONE CRACKER is another killer Thrash Metal band hailing from Russia. These guys
started back in 2012 and are still going strong. Once again, I don't speak Russian or can
not read it, so I really couldn't find much information on these guys that I could
understand. The one thing I do understand though is the fact that these guys are an
amazing old school Thrash Metal band. They play in the vein of stuff from the late 80's
era of Thrash. They pull influences from a lot of different areas of Thrash to create their
sound. There is some crunchy and crusty guitars and beats found in East coast Metal acts
ANTHRAX along with some slick stylistic sounds from the West coast bay area like
SLAYER, METALLICA & TESTAMENT. Then I can also hear the speed and
aggression of the German Thrash Metal scene with bands like
DESTRUCTION present. To top it all off you have a bit of Canadian Thrash thrown in,
in the form of
ANVIL, EXCITER & ANNIHILATOR. The vocals range from fast and
aggressive Thrash vocals mixed with more melodic and higher pitched Power Metal type
BONE CRACKER has taken the ingredients of just about every great Thrash
Metal move from around the world and mixed them all together to create the perfect
recipe. This is an absolute must for every Thrash Metal fan out there. How could you go
wrong with every band that has been mentioned above. I'm sure you'll be able to find
more through out this entire album! Get it now!

                                                                                                  - Reviewed by Burt Wolf