BOTTOM FEEDER is a Grindcore / Sludge Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark.
These guys have been creating their madness since 2010 and continue to do so.
"GRINDING TEETH" is the bands newest offering. It is full of spazzed out Grindcore
music that is slowed down in a Sludge Metal way. The music has a bit of Noise &
Experimental elements to it as well. These elements are spread all through out their songs.
The music is done in an old school Punk or Hardcore D.I.Y. style, but much noisier and
more spastic. It reminds me of the '80's when a lot of the '70's Punk music was merging
into '80's Hardcore. The same concept is here, but these guys have more of a Sludge Metal
sound,especially in the guitars. The Drums is where I hear a lot of the Grindcore coming
into play. The vocals are done in a gritty and dirty Grindcore style, but slowed down to be
more of a Sludge Metal style. These guys are kind of all over the place, but I loved it. The
music has that raw, old school demo feel that was recorded over and over again and passed
out to everyone possible. These guys would have been a killer addition to the
Fest in Philadelphia this past summer, cause I heard a few bands there that
played similar music to
BOTTOM FEEDER. Check these guys out, but go in open
minded and be prepared because they are not in anyway a typical sounding band!