Starring: Teresa Farley, Lance Lewman, Frances Raines, Natalie O'Connell, Amy Brentano & more.

I heard of this film from the 80's before, but never saw it until now. The film takes place in New
York City, where women are being attacked & raped. The women are being attacked by people they
know, but before they are attacked the men start screaming in pain & bleeding from all different
parts of their bodies & their skin is then shed to reveal an alien creature. The creature then attacks &
rapes the women. The women come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common, they are
all virgins. The women all end up pregnant after the attacks, so they can spawn alien babies to take
over earth. The story was cheesy as well as the special effects & acting, but there was a lot of
nudity. Just about every woman on screen got naked. This is worth at least one viewing for this
reason alone!!!