BROOD OF HATRED is an atmospheric Death Metal band hailing from North Africa.
The band started back in 2010 as a one man project by Mohamed Melki. After the release
of their first EP "NEW ORDER OF INTELLIGENCE" the project started to emerge into a
full fledged band. These guys are definitely in the Death Metal realm, but they play a more
technical and atmospheric version of Death Metal. They reminded me of a faster and
heavier version of
CYNIC through out most of the album. The music has a thick and low
ended old school Death Metal feel, but with a bit of a dirtiness to it. Not in anyway is it
sloppy, but it doesn't have that pro tools perfectly clean feel to it, which I liked a lot. Then
on the other hand they mix in some very dark and dreary atmospheric parts that tend to
lean towards the Black Metal and Doom Metal sides. The vocals are done in a low ended
slow Death Metal growl style that almost invokes some Funeral Metal at times. These
guys one of the better death Metal bands coming out of Africa today due in part to their
haunting sound and unconventional writing style. I usually like to try and compare bands
to another bands sound just to give the readers some ideas, but
CYNIC was the closest I
could think of, just darker, faster and heavier! If you like your Death Metal a bit different
and more original sounding then look no further!