Self Released

Since 2004 Huntington, Long Island's BUCKSHOT FACELIFT have been spewing forth
the nastiest and most fierce Grindcore out there. "ELDER'S RASP" is the newest offering
these guys have thrown before us. The band plays a very spastic old school style of
Grindcore music that is very chaotic & spastic through out. At times the music has a bit of
Experimental or Noise elements present. These guys are a powerhouse of intensity and
spastic aggression. Their music does have some influences of Death Metal and even some
slight Doom or Sludge Metal parts present too. The Death Metal comes in some of the
lower ended Death Metal growling vocals as well as some of the slower mid paced guitar
work. The Doom Metal or Sludge parts are in the slower (which are few) more drawn out
parts that just give you enough breather for the next wave of mayhem that's about to hit.
These guys even toss in some Hardcore influences which come to surface in some of the
more screaming and grooved parts.
BUCKSHOT FACELIFT may toss in many other
elements, but they are still a Grindcore band at the core. If you like your Grindcore more
aggressive and chaotic, but with some slight variety then your gonna love
. These guys are one of the better bands out there playing this style! I really
loved these guys and can't wait to find more stuff from them! Grindcore at it's finest!!!
This album is released on vinyl (only 300 copies) and digital download. So get yours now,
before their all gone!