Germany's BURIAL VAULT is back with their latest slab of Death Metal madness entitled
"INCENDIUM". The band is firmly placed in the Death Metal genre, but they add a lot
more to their sound to give them some variety. They do infuse a lot of elements of Black
Metal and Thrash Metal into their sound. The bands melodic approach to the Death Metal
format bears the way for these influences. The guitar work sways back and forth between
all out Thrash Metal shredding and lower ended Death Metal chugs. They also slow down a
little in parts for a more melodic passage here and there. The Black Metal influences come
in the dark passages and the atmospheric parts mixed all with in. The addition of keyboards
helps add the cold dark atmospheric Black Metal elements. They also add in lots of Black
Metal blast beats in between the melodic Death Metal. The vocals tend to cross over all of
these genres as well. Vocalist Raimund Ennenga will go from low ended thick Death Metal
growls into some throaty groggy Black Metal growls & screams and then into some cleaner
melodic Thrash Metal type vocals. The variation of vocals styles is amazing. The concept
of the album "INCENDIUM" is that based off of the book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray
Bradbury. These guys have once again proven what a great and melodic Death Metal band
should sound like. They have done the Germany Metal scene proud and will forever be a
part of the country's Metal underground history! A must! Check these guys out!