Varg Vikernes has returned once again with another outstanding offering from BURZUM.
Once again Varg is the sole member of the band doing all the instruments, lyrics and
vocals. Many of you should know of this band by now, because
BURZUM is one of the
best Black Metal bands to ever emerge out of Norway and has influenced so many other
bands since 1991.
BURZUM is unlike that majority of the Black Metal bands out there.
They do have a similar atmospheric dark sound, but, there is no mistaking them for any
other band playing a similar style. "UMPSKIPTAR" is a more return to the roots of the
band and the signature sound of the early days. He has maintained the Nordic Folk vibe,
but has added in more Traditional Heavy Metal sounds this time around. The lyrics have
been inspired by the Scandinavian poem "Voluspa" that detail the creation of the world
and it's end dictated by Odin. Varg has spent more emphasis on the vocals and lyrics this
time around, which shows in his cold screeching and groggy dark voice. Cold harsh guitars
help create the vibe of the lyrical themes very well. Fans of
BURZUM's early work will
love this new offering and will embrace the cold dark sounds we have come to enjoy so
much from Varg Vikernes. Another great album that will be added to the legacy and
history of this highly respected band!