Starring: Noah Segan, Rider Strong, Alexi Wasser, Rusty Kelley, Marc Senter & more.

The flesh eating virus that decimated a cabin full of co-eds is still out there. This time around a high
school full of kids gets infected. The stream in which the town gets their drinking water is
contaminated, which also happens to be where the local bottled water company gets their water.
They are the providers of the water for the high school prom. Once a bunch of kids start drinking
the water, they start breaking out with the virus. Their skin starts to bubble and blister & then peals
off their bodies. There is a lot of gory gross parts with the skin falling off, but other than that it's
like a typical teen Horror flick. This is a decent film, but is no where near as good as the original
film. You can still check this out with out seeing the first film and understand what's going on.