CAELESTIS is an Alternative Metal band out of Naples, Italy. They formed back in 2009
as a one man project. They released a few albums and once Cataldo Cappiello produced a
Black Metal project and had Vera Clinco do some vocals she later joined
brought along drummer Flavio Staiano and the bands line up was complete.
"HELIOCARDIO" is the bands first release with this new line up. They consider
themselves an Alternative Metal band, but i feel they are much more than this. They have
pulled some elements from Progressive / Black & Gothic Metal together to create their
sound. The music tends to lean a little more towards the Gothic side, but this is because of
some of the darker elements and of course Vera's beautiful vocals. The thicker more gloomy
and cold parts is where I feel the Black Metal elements come into play. The way they have
arranged their songs is not done in a typical Metal fashion and have a very Progressive
Metal style. These guys may not appeal to every Metal fans taste, but they surely are
better and more original sounding then a lot of the recycled Metal that is being dished out in
the underground lately. If you are more open to your Metal having a little variety and some
originality then give
CAELESTIS a listen and you will find yourself enjoying something
new and fresh in the Metal genre.