TANKCRIMES RECORDS has done it again with another cool split release. This split
comes in the form of a 12" release with
CANNABIS CORPSE out of Richmond, Virginia
GHOUL out of Oakland, California. The first two tracks come from CANNABIS
, which is a weed inspired CANNIBAL CORPSE parody band. This is a side
project of Land Phil, bassist and vocalist of
MUNICIPAL WASTE. These guys play
Death Metal music with some Thrash metal influences. The majority of the music is done
in an old school Florida Death Metal style, which is similar to early
music, but with some touches of Thrash Metal thrown in the mix. These
influences mostly come in some of the guitar shredding and riffage. They have very thick
Death Metal growl vocal style. This is one for all the old school Death Metal fans of the
early '90's Florida scene. Next up we have
GHOUL who play a gore soaked style of
Thrash Metal music that they like to call "Splatterthrash". It has a little bit of a Crossover
vibe to it with some Death Metal elements mixed within.
GHOUL is another band that I
have been a fan of for some time now and interviewed as well. Check it out on my site.
They have more of a Speed Metal / Thrash Metal sound that is reminiscent of '80's Thrash
Metal. If you were to take bands like
& EXODUS and add in a lot of Death metal influences and cover them in
buckets of blood, then you would know what
GHOUL is bringing to the table. The band
features members of another great California band
IMPALED!. The only complaint I have
for this split is that it wasn't long enough. Two songs from each band is only enough to get
us started. We need more! Check out both bands back catalog for a ton more Splatter filled
hash madness!