What can be said about the masters of Gore Death Metal that hasn't been said already?
Nothing really! All you need to know is it's
CANNIBAL CORPSE! Nuff said! There is a
reason that just about every Death Metal band looks to
what the hope to be. "TORTURE" is the newest slab of technical, brutal and gore soaked
offering they have to add to their many killer releases! In their almost 25 year career of
blasting Death, these guys still have no equal! This new releases takes the band back to
their roots and sounds like a modern day version of "BUTCHERED AT BIRTH" &
"EATEN BACK TO LIFE" combined. They have taken that rawness of those first few
releases and made it more technical, but keeping that rawness and brutality that we have
all come to know and love about this great band. If there ever was a band to truly define
what the Death Metal genre is all about
CANNIBAL CORPSE is the first band to always
come to mind. "TORTURE" is just another piece of evidence to solidify this. I have and
will always love
CANNIBAL CORPSE and no Death Metal collection is complete with
out at least a few of their albums in it. There is nothing else to say! It's
, so buy it & blast it!