Hailing from the darkest corners of Germany comes CHAPEL OF DISEASE. These guys
have been churning out some blackened Death Metal since 2008 and there is hopefully no
stopping them. "SUMMONING BLACK GODS" is the bands first full length. They hint
back to the early days of European Death Metal and play a mesh up of some extreme Metal
styles. The band builds off of their Death Metal foundation with a cold dark Black Metal
vibe, but they also add in some flare with some Thrash Metal influences as well. The gritty
coldness and old Horror themed lyrics is where a lot of the Black Metal comes into play.
The Thrash Metal is definitely present within the guitars, in some of the arrangements and
the heavy riffing. They have a strong old school German Thrash vibe, probably because they
are from Germany. The strong thick and aggressive blast and heavy pounding drums adds
the foundation for the Death Metal, as well as some of the songs structures. The vocals have
a bit of a crossover feel of the above styles also. They go from a thick mid ranged Death
growl, with some higher hallowed Black Metal growls and screams and then some harsh
throaty Thrash Metal vocals. Another amazing band to come out of Germany, blending
some of the best Metal genres and doing it right!