Hailing from Athens, Greece and starting back in 2009 comes the Thrash Metal monster
know as
CHRONOSPHERE. These guys blend together the elements of old school and
the new wave of Thrash Metal together to create their sound. They take some influences
from some of the early greats of the 80's and early '90's and mesh it together with more
modern Thrash Metal influences of today. There are some slight American Thrash Metal
parts, but I mostly hear a lot of German Thrash Metal sounds in their music. The music is
ultra tight and super fast. It takes you on a whirlwind tour through Thrash Metal history.
The guitars are done at super fast speeds with some killer riffs and shredding parts along
with some really grooved out parts. The drums are extremely tight and blasting and
drummer Thanos Krommidas reminds me of Charlie Benante of
ANTHRAX mixed with
Dave Lombardo of
SLAYER. Vocalist Spyros Lafias kept bringing to mind Chuck Billy of
TESTAMENT mixed with Paul Baloff of EXODUS. I am a huge Thrash Metal fan and
grew up in the first Thrash Metal movement era of the '80's.
back a lot of memories from those times and would be able to set proudly next to a lot of
the bands from that time. If you dig any or all of the above mentioned bands as well as
WHIPLASH then you are going to love these guys. I can't wait to see what these guys
deliver us next. An absolute much!!!