CHTHONIC hails from Taiwan and play Black Metal music that they like to call
"Symphonic Orient Metal" music. The music is done in a Black Metal style but
incorporates many Asian aspects of their culture. "BU-TIK" is the bands seventh release
to date and follows their highly acclaimed previous album "TAKASAGO ARMY". The
band has a very symphonic Black Metal sound that is extremely full and orchestrated
sounding at times. They also add in a lot of majestic Asian parts that pulls their culture
into their sound and gives them a more unique Black Metal vibe. The guitar work is superb
and has a bit of a Progressive Thrash Metal feel to it. At times it is very fast paced and
grooved out Thrash while at other times it is very intricate and melodic with lots of twists
and changes. The drums are where the Death Metal and Black Metal comes into play. It's
fast paced and solid pounding with lots of double bass and blasts. The vocals are done in a
mid ranged harsh Black Metal growl / scream style with some lower more thick Death
Metal growls mixed in. They do add in some Black Metal chants and haunts as well.
CHTHONIC is in now way your typical Black Metal band and they add a lot of different
elements to give them a sound all their own. They are one of the best Black Metal bands
out their today that merges the best of the old and new Black Metal styles together to
create a massive sound. If you want to hear what a perfect Black Metal band sounds like
then you must pick up any album by