CIRCLE OF SILENCE emerged on the scene back in 2005 out of Germany. Since then
these guys have been honing their skills and perfecting their sound. All along the way they
have been gathering more and more fans. "THE RISE OF RESISTANCE" is the bands
fourth release to date and a massive release it is. These guys play a very full and strong
style of Power Metal music. Their sound has a bit of an Epic vibe to it and is more of an
aggressive form of Power Metal. They hail from Germany, but play more of an American
style of Power Metal. They do mix in a lot of Thrash Metal and Speed Metal in their
sound, which mostly comes through in the guitars. The dual guitar attacks of Tobias Pfahl
and Christian Sommerfeld really bring this out with one playing a more grooved out Thrash
Metal sound and the other playing a cleaner and crisp Speed Metal sound. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged aggressive Thrash Metal vocal style with a lot of mid to higher
ranged clean Power Metal vocals. There are even some chant along vocals in some songs
too. These guys are an amazing Power Metal band with a lot of diversity to set them apart
from a lot of other bands out there. If your a fan of
& COLD STEEL then your gonna love CIRCLE OF SILENCE!