Self Released

CIRCUS OF LAMIA is a very different and unique band. The band formed in 2010 and
like most bands, went through many line up changes and searched for a musical direction.
The band finally gelled together and came up with a dark and macabre sound. The music
is a mixture of Industrial, Death Metal, Gothic and even a little Thrash Metal. The
majority of their sound lies within Death & Gothic Metal styles. The guitars have a dirty
metallic Industrial feel mixed with Thrash Metal riffs. In a lot of the faster more
aggressive parts is where you can hear the Death Metal elements shining through. They
cover all the music with a gritty dark Gothic vibe. The mixture of female Goth vocals with
male Death growls also adds to their sound.
CIRCUS OF LAMIA would be a cross
EVANESCENCE with CARCASS. That should be enough for you to check
these guys out. You can download this album for free on their website too.