Westmont, New Jersey's CLAMFIGHT are back with their second releases entitled "I
VERSUS THE GLACIER". These New Jersey Metal heads have been creating their brand
of Doom / Sludge Metal since 2002. This album is the follow up to their 2010 release
"VOLUME 1", which helped gain the band a loyal following. Their music is a different kind
of blend of both Doom & Sludge Metal with touches of Thrash Metal mixed in. The music
is done in kind of a drawn out a dreary kind of Doom Metal with a bit of up beat Sludge? (is
that possible, up beat Sludge?). The music has a really cool crusty guitar sound that when it
tends to dominate is where you can hear the Thrash Metal influences coming in. They tend
to be a dirty Doom version of
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY with a lot more Sludge mixed
in and low tuned. This maybe because the guitar style reminded me of Zakk Wylde a lot.
The vocals have a bit more Doom / Death Metal type feel, but with an old school 70's Punk
kind of attitude like
MOTORHEAD. Not that these guys sound like the two above
mentioned bands, but they are in the same vein as them if they were a Doom / Sludge band.
I wish I could have seen these guys live when I lived on the East Coast, because I'm sure
they are killer live! Check out these Jersey Metal heads, cause you won't be disappointed!
Sludge rules!!!