Founded in 2010 out of Hungary comes the Post Hardcore band CLAPS FOR
. These guys may play Post Hardcore, but they stand out amongst the hordes
of other bands playing this style. This is partly due to the fact they add in a lot of
Electronica into their music. They do pull from some old school Hardcore influences which
mostly comes out in the heavier more aggressive passages. They add in the Post Hardcore
elements when they get a bit more melodic and atmospheric sounding. All during this they
add in many Electronica parts that gives them a bit of that club music type feel, but in a
heavier way that is almost Techno sounding. The vocals also follow the same path as the
rest of the music. They have thick mid ranged Metalcore growls with some Hardcore
screams then they blend in some more melodic and clean vocals. My favorite part was
actually all the Electronica, which surprised me, cause I'm not a big fan. I think it was the
combination of the Electronica with the Hardcore that did it for me and the fact it set them
apart from a lot of bands out there. The one band that kept coming to mind though was
THE BUNNY THE BEAR, but a bit more Hardcore sounding. I know it's a weird
combination, but if you can come in with an open mind you'll find yourself digging these
guys, just like I did!