CLERIC is a very killer and different sounding Death Metal band from Dallas, Texas.
These guys formed back in 2007 from members of the bands
. These guys play an old school European styled version of American
Death Metal music. The music is very brutal and pulse pounding American Death Metal,
but there is a lot more added in to give it that European feel. They mix in elements of
Doom Metal, Grindcore, Experimental & Black Metal elements all through out. The
foundation of their music is the Death Metal, but the Doom Metal plays a big part in their
sound as well. The music is gritty, dirty and really slow Doom laden in a lot of areas. The
loud thick Drone like sound they have pour through a lot of their music. The faster more
spastic noisy parts is where the Grindcore and Experimental parts come in. The music is
ultra fast at times and kind of sparks out in all directions. The colder and darker parts is
where the old school Black Metal elements are present. These guys reminded me of a band
I would have heard back in the late '80's or early '90's with all the tape trading I was doing
with bands from all over the world. They have that kind of striped down, raw and D.I.Y.
type feel. A lot of older Death Metal fans will appreciate what these guys are doing.
CLERIC is a perfect blend of the European & American Death / Black Metal sound!