CLOSE YOUR EYES has been gaining new fans everyday and after one listen to "LINE
IN THE SAND" I can understand why.
CLOSE YOUR EYES is a Christian Hardcore
band, but they don't preach within their songs. They simply have a strong positive out
look and like to bring that message to their fans. They add in some Post Hardcore type
elements in their songs, this mostly comes out in the more melodic parts of their songs.
The more aggressive and spastic parts have that killer old school Hardcore vibe to it and
actually reminds me of a lot of the bands hailing from New York back in the late '80's and
early '90's. There is a bunch of cool breakdowns along with some stop and start parts as
well as some change ups. I really dig the thick bass sound they have which is not as
common in the Hardcore scene. The vocals run the gambit of thick low ended Hardcore
growls, mid ranged Hardcore screams, some clean chant along spots and some Post
Hardcore melodic vocals. Even though these guys play Hardcore music, I could see them
pulling in a bunch of Metal fans into their music. I could also see them pleasing old school
as well as new school Hardcore fans, because they have a solid balance between both
these styles. I have been a fan of these guys for years and "LINE IN THE SAND" is by
far their best outing yet. The band just seems stronger, more solid and all around better,
maybe the addition of new singer Sam Robinson has added to this. Check out these
Hardcore heavy weights and crank it up!