"NEW ERA"   

CLOUDSCAPE formed back in 2001 when all members left their previous bands to make
CLOUDSCAPE their main focus. These guys hail from Sweden and play an aggressive
style of Power / Progressive Metal music. The band has a strong Progressive Metal style
that some what dominates their sound all through out. You can hear lots of other styles of
Metal coming out in spots. The guitar work of Patrik Svärd & Stefan Rosqvist tends to
sway back and forth between Progressive / Speed / Thrash & Power Metal music. The
faster more aggressive and shredding parts is where the Thrash / Speed Metal shine and the
more intricate and involved guitar parts is where the Power / Progressive Metal work
comes out. There is a lot of this all through out, which I loved. The drums tend to run along
a more Power Metal and Progressive Metal sound with tight, solid beats. Michael
Andersson's vocals tend to be a wide range of the above mention styles. Sometimes he will
hit some high pitch vocals points found mostly in Power Metal, then bring it down a bit
with a more mid ranged melodic Progressive Metal style and then go even lower with some
more rough aggressive Thrash vocals. This flows extremely well with the rest of the band.
These guys have taken the Metal genre into new places and are definitely one of the bands
at the top in the Prog Metal genre. If your a fan of the majority of the bands on
NIGHTMARE RECORDS or SENSORY RECORDS, which are mostly Power / Prog
Metal bands then your gonna want to add
CLOUDSCAPE to your collection. These guys
are definitely a band that needs to be heard and experienced to truly appreciate the talent
they have to offer. I bet these guys are amazing in a live setting!!! Get this one now!!!