What can I say about COATHANGER ABORTION? Well, going into this you should
already know your in for some heavy as fuck and brutal as hell Death Metal music. If this
is what you were thinking then you would be right! "OBSERVATIONS OF
HUMANITY" is the bands second full length release and the follow up to 2009's
"DYING BREED". The band hails from Tennessee and play old school straight up brutal
Death Metal music that was running rampant in the '90's. To change their sound a little
they add in some Grindcore elements to the mix. Even though their music is fast paced and
heavy, they still managed to throw some groove in there too. I love when Death Metal
bands do this and these guys have done it. There is a really, really thick bass and drum
sound, which I also loved. I also dig how they will go from a fast paced blasting and
chugging part and stop it dead in the tracks and then slam you right back into the next
part. The Grindcore parts are mostly in the gritty, fast guitar riffs that just shred your face
over and over until your a bloody pile of guts. If you know anything about the bands on
COMATOSE MUSIC, then you know that your in for some amazing Death Metal when
you finally get your
COATHANGER ABORTION!!! Your gonna want it over and over
again! Extremely brutal and extremely good!!!