Tokyo, Japan's Doom / Death Metal masters, COFFINS are back with one hell of a new
release. "THE FLESHLANDS" is nine tracks of massive Doom / Death Metal at it's finest.
These guys have been tearing up the underground scene since 1996 and show no signs of
letting up. The bands sound is done in a muffled dirty Doom Metal style, but with lots of
faster Death Metal mixed with in. The music has a bit of that old school D.I.Y. kind of
vibe, because of the way the production is. There is a really heavy thickness to their music,
that kind of feels like a huge weight crushing down on you. The slower more dragging parts
is where the Doom Metal is dominate. When they kick things up a little bit is when you
feel the Death Metal pounding the Hell out of you. The vocals are done in amid ranged
thick, thick Death Metal growl style that just plows into your head. This is where I feel a
lot of the old school Death Metal influences come in. In some of the faster more spastic
parts you can hear touches of Grindcore shining through.
COFFINS is a band that has
paid their dues in the underground scene and deserve a hell of a lot more attention then they
are getting. "THE FLESHLAND" is sure to draw some more of that attention their way! I
have liked these guys for years and have to say that this new release is definitely their best
offering so far!