COLDSTEEL hails from New York and started way back in 1986. They started out as a
cover band doing covers of
songs. Like most cover bands, they slowly worked in some original songs and started putting
out demos. These guys have gone through many trials most bands go through like, member
changes, record deals & tours falling through and more. In 1993 the band split up do to
differences within the band members. 2012 saw the resurrection of the band and their newest
release "AMERICAN IDLE". These guys play a very classic style of Power / Thrash Metal
music. The music has that feel of the 80's, but is fresh and updated. These guys took a 20
year break and sound like they never stopped at all. The music is well written and arranged,
with some very technical and intricate parts. The guitar work of Eddie Campbell & Joe
Shavel sounds like
DRAGONFORCE doing battle against Yngwie Malmsteen. I really dig
the grooved out Thrash Metal parts the most, because it reminds me of all the killer Thrash
Metal bands I grew up with in the 80's. Troy Norr's vocals are done in a clean mid ranged
Thrash style with some slightly higher melodic Power Metal vocals, kind of like if Ronnie
James Dio was singing in a Thrash Metal band. These guys have not missed a step after all
these years. If "AMERICAN IDLE" is what they have to offer us after 20 years, it makes me
sad thinking of what we could have gotten in between if they never would have broken up.
One amazing release from one of the better Thrash bands to come out of the 80's. Hopefully
they will stick together for another 20 years and give us more great albums like this one!
Horns up for a triumphant return of