"PANTHEIST" is the fifth studio release from Dublin, Ireland's COLDWAR.
COLDWAR formed back in 1999 and have been building up a strong fan base around the
world ever since. They have toured all over and played with many different types of
bands. They build their sound off a strong Death Metal foundation and just keep injecting
it with some other flavors along the way. They have some strong Grindcore sounds in
certain spots and then there is some Hardcore and Punk elements present as well. The
Hardcore elements come into play in some of the song arrangements and the thick
chugging groove that flows through a lot of their music. The Punk plays a part in the
attitude that comes across in their sound, which is that dirty from the streets, fuck you
type vibe. The vocals are done in a mid ranged hallowed type Death Metal / Hardcore
crossover type growl / scream. I really like the fact that at times they reminded me of a
Death Metal version of
CLUTCH, but only slightly! If you are not familiar with the
Ireland Metal scene, then
COLDWAR is a good start. These guys will mostly appeal to
Death Metal fans, but I could see a lot of Hardcore fans getting into them as well! One
hell of a release from the moment "Heart Of Darkness" kicks in to when "Last Days Of
The 4th Sun" ends!