"THE DOOMSAYER'S CALL" is the third full length release from this blasting Death
Metal band called it quits. These guys have been spreading their form of Death Metal
ever since. This new release really shows the progression and growth of the band.
Already starting out as a killer band, they just have taken this new album to new levels.
You can hear many influences of old school Death Metal shining through in their sound
along with some more modern and technical sounding Death Metal. It's a perfect fuse of
the old and new Death Metal scene. In some parts when the fast paced madness slows
down, just a little, and especially in the guitars you can hear some Speed Metal coming
out as well. The vocals are done in a well balance mid ranged Death growl style, that has
some slight guttural touches, but is still understandable.
COLDWORKER is exactly
NASUM would have been if they evolved into a modern Death Metal band. An
amazing release that every Death Metal fan should have in their collection!