CONNOISSEUR is a Sludge / Punk / Metal band hailing from Oakland, California. These
guys have been hitting the bong since 2011 (I'm sure it's actually a lot longer), but the band
has been together since then. They play a mixture of a few styles, but it is mostly Stoner
Metal. The thing I found surprising is that their music is very aggressive and angry
sounding. You would think that with them being Stoner / Sludge Metal they would be a
little more mellow sounding, nope! Fast Sludge, aggressive and short tracks for most of
their songs. They do throw in some slower more sludgy and drawn out tracks towards the
end of the release. The guitars have that tinged out and fuzzy feel to them. The short and
spastic style they have is where the Punk influences come into play. The vocals are done
in an angry pissed off Punk / Metal crossover scream style. These guys are definitely not
your typical Sludge Metal band. I liked all the other elements they threw in the pot to mix
it up a bit. I am very selective when it comes to the Sludge Metal I listen to and these guys
have become one of my favorite bands out there doing it now. If you like your brand of
Sludge with a little extra something then your going to want to smoke up what
CONNOISSEUR is offering. This is the cassette version of "STONER JUSTICE" which
only has six tracks, while the CD version contains more.

                                                                                                    - Reviewed by Burt Wolf