CONTINENTS is a Hardcore / Metal outfit from South Wales, UK. "IDLE HANDS" is the
debut album from these guys and this is the debut video from them as well for the title track.
These guys play a very cool almost old school style of Hardcore music, which I love. I grew
up listening to a lot of bands of this style, especially when I was skateboarding back in the
80's. They have a very tight, fast paced and high energized sound. After one listen you would
think they would be from New York, New Jersey or somewhere on the East Coast from the
80's. It's not that they sound dated, but they have that same aggressive style as many bands
from that time. The video is the band playing live on a dark smoky stage some where that
looks like the basement of the building. There are a bunch of people watching the show and
drinking beers. Then some guy comes in the club and shoots someone. The main guy is
extremely drunk and throwing up. He can't focus on what is happening and everyone is
screaming at him. The video is low budget, but shot some what artistically and very
professionally. I wish I would have gotten the bands whole album instead of just one video. I
loved this track a lot and can't wait to hear more. If your into bands like
& BLACK FLAG then your gonna love these
guys! Check them out! These guys are gonna explode in the Hardcore community!