COP PROBLEM is a Philadelphia based band that has been around since 2010. These
guys play a killer mix of Hardcore, Punk, Grind & Crust music. This is a very cool mix
and they pull it off better than most bands out there now and in the past. Their sound has
a bit of an old school style to it that reminds me of a lot of the bands from the 80's that
played this style. It is very aggressive and pissed off sounding all through out. It takes me
back to the days when I would go see a bunch of local or unknown bands playing in
basements and garages. These guys really make me miss those times when there was a
real strong bond between bands and everyone was just playing for the love of it.
is one of those bands that is going to have a huge cult following, but will
always remain an underground band! I wish I was still living back in Philly so I could go
see these guys play live cause I'm sure it's one crazy show. Even though these guys
would mostly grab fans of the Hardcore scene I could still see a lot of Death Metal fans
getting into these guys! Hardcore at it's finest!