COUNTERPARTS is a killer Hardcore band from Canada that formed back in 2007.
These guys have been building up a strong following over the years in their home country.
The last few years since they signed to
VICTORY RECORDS they have been spreading
their madness across the globe and their fan base has increased immensely. Like most
bands they have gone through some changes over they years. "THE DIFFERENCE
BETWEEN HOME AND HELL" is by far the bands most aggressive and heavy release to
date. They have added a bit more of a Metalcore sound to their music this time around. The
majority of these influences come in the guitar work. The guitars have more a crisper and
cleaner shredding sound that resembles a Metal influence rather than a more chugging or
gritty Hardcore sound. Don't worry though, they are still a Hardcore band through and
through. The vocals of Brendon Murphy are done in a screaming Hardcore style with some
slower more melodic Hardcore vocals. These guys have become a huge part of the
Hardcore scene and after one listen of "THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOME AND
HELL" you can understand why.
COUNTERPARTS remind me of the good old days of
VICTORY RECORDS when every band on their label was a Hardcore band and every
band was extremely good. I really like these guys a lot and hope they get much more due
respect and attention from the Hardcore community. All Metalcore fans should give these
guys a listen too, because they will find themselves digging these guys as well. One killer
Hardcore band!