Self Released

CRASHDOLLZ is a Punk Rock band out of the Detroit, Michigan area that started back
in 2010. The band is fronted by Nikki Darling who kills it harder than most guys in the
Punk Rock scene. The thing I liked about her vocals is that she can be very harsh and
gritty old school Punk, but also a bit more melodic and modern Punk as well. The band has
a really cool gritty old school '70's styled D.I.Y. Punk Rock sound. This is the type of
Punk Rock I grew up listening to and I love it. There is a fast paced kind of chaotic sound
to the majority of their music, which is the way Punk is supposed to sound. At times in
some of the songs I kind of felt a bit of Rockabilly or Psychobilly influences. These
influences were mostly in the guitar riffing and some of the song arrangements. I kept
feeling like I was listening to a combination of
meet BETTY BLOWTORCH with some touches of GO TO HELLS &
BABES IN TOYLAND as well as a local Philly Punk band called THE FRIGGS. The
CRASHDOLLZ are a killer old school Punk Rock band that fans that grew up during the
'70's & '80's Punk movements will love, but they will still pull in a lot of fans of modern
day Punk as well. I loved the
CRASHDOLLZ and would love to see them in concert. I
am eagerly awaiting their next release. You can get this one for free (or pay what you
want) on their bandcamp page. So go get it!