Self Released

CREMATION is a killer old school Death Metal band hailing from Switzerland. These guy
have been around since 1992, but "RISE OF THE PHOENIX" is only the bands third release
to date. The band has kept an old school Death Metal sound that goes back to the late '80's &
early '90's. Their music is very fast paced brutal Death Metal with heavy influences from
some of the greats like
. They don't sound like any of these band, but you can definitely tell
those influences are there. The reason is because the band adds in their own twist on this
style by adding in some grooved out Death parts along with some newer more technical
sounding Death Metal. The guitar parts at times have a crusty and shredding Thrash Metal
sound as well. I really dig the vocals of Spiga, because they are my favorite type of Death
Metal vocals. They are growling & screaming enough to be heavy & aggressive, but also
done in that style where you can just make out what he is saying most of the time. There are
a bunch of Metal bands out there using the name CREMATION, but these guys are by far
the best out there. Check out this amazing band and support them! One hell of a Death
Metal release!