Self Released

CRYPTOPSY is a legendary band in the Death Metal genre who have been putting out
great music for over 20 years. This new "SELF TITLED" release is the bands seventh full
length studio release. Why it wasn't released on a label, I don't know, cause these guys
should be fighting off offers from labels to release their stuff. The band hails from Canada
and plays a very spastic and aggressive Technical old school style of Death Metal. For a few
releases they seemed to be going in a different direction with their sound, but this new one
goes back to my favorite album of theirs "WHISPER SUPREMACY". All these new Tech
Death bands need to take a look at
CRYPTOPSY, cause these guys have perfected this
sound and playing it for many years. This album does pull from the bands past and there is
some slight Deathcore type music as well, but they blend these together better than most
bands out there and create a sound that is miles beyond what these newer bands are doing.
There is a reason that
CRYPTOPSY has lasted so long in the Death Metal underground and
also why they are one of the most influential bands as well. This album is a prime example
of what a great, experienced and talent can produce. I know a lot of people have kind of
given these guys flack for some of the choices in musical direction they have done in the
past, but everything they have done has been top quality in my eyes and why
CRYPTOPSY will always be one of my favorite underground Death Metal bands!