CULTFINDER hails from the United Kingdom and play old school Black Metal music.
Their sound is done in an old school European Black Metal style with some U.S. Thrash
Metal influences mixed through out. The band has a very cool underground sound that
takes me back to the demo days of tape trading with everyone. The guitars work as a
muffled and gritty sound to it that almost sounds like static at times. They also have a
dirty muddy old school Black Metal sound to them as well. The drums kind of had an old
school Thrash Metal vibe like some of the Crossover Thrash bands from the '80's. The
vocals are done in a mid ranged and groggy Black / Thrash Metal type style. They were
crusty and throaty and reminded me of
TOXIC HOLOCAUST a bit. I love the old
school Black Metal sound more that most of todays clean cut and polished Black Metal.
So of course, I was loving every minute of "HELL'S TEETH".
CULTFINDER is one of
those bands that a lot of the older Metal fans will love, because they grew up with bands
playing this style, but some younger Black Metal fans might not be able to handle this.
This is a must for fans of
. Unfortunately the band broke up this year so I don't think we
will be seeing any new releases from them.