From the darkest corners of Stockholm, Sweden comes the Black Metal behemoth known as
CURSED 13. The band originally started out back in 1998 under the name CURSED 666
and was a solo project of Heljarmadr and later other members were recruited and the band
changed their name to
CURSED 13. These guys play old school dirty Black Metal music
that reminds me of a lot of the stuff that was being created in the early '90's and that was
coming out of Europe at the time. The band features members of
. The music is done in a slower more gritty and drawn out Black Metal
style with harsher vocals. The music dates back to 1998-2006 and is finally being released
for public consumption. The music tends to have a bit of Drone & Doom Metal mixed
within as well as some Sludge Metal too. I dig this kind of Black Metal cause it takes me
back to my early days in the underground scene and reminds me of a lot of the Black metal I
was getting into back then. There is a real raw D.I.Y. kind of vibe that runs through their
music. It's some really crushing old school Black Metal at it's finest and not this all polished
up sounding Black Metal of today. If you dig old school European Black Metal from back
in the day then your going to love
CURSED 13. These guys are the real deal and all trendy
Black Metal fans won't know what hit them. This is for the die hards!